Recent Press / by Elizabeth Roe

Throughout the past several months, Elizabeth and her piano duo partner Greg Anderson have performed all over the globe, from a world heritage temple in Kyoto, Japan to ten breathtaking cities across New Zealand. Highlights include a sold-out Kennedy Center debut, an appearance on Performance Today with Fred Child, working with the talented young students of the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra, and winning Club Cumming's illustrious Yaaaaaaas Award. To quote William Cowper, “Variety is the very spice of life..." Indeed!

A selection of reviews:

Washington Post:

Dazzling… transcendental… While each is a virtuoso powerhouse pianist in his and her own right, what sets the pair apart is an ability to make emotional and spiritual connections with their audiences.

The Press (Christchurch):

I am struggling for superlatives to describe what was an outstanding evening's entertainment, a smorgasbord of dazzling pianistic virtuosity, musicianship and stagecraft, all bundled up in an irresistible package by two dynamic young performers.

Performance Today:

[Anderson & Roe] have redefined what is possible for a piano duo. They have not just totally assured technical chops, but also a flair for dramatic storytelling both musically and visually.

The Wave:

Listening to their recordings you would assume that the music has been edited with layer upon layer of different tracks, but it’s hasn’t. Only by seeing them live in performance can you fully appreciate the extent of the attention to detail these two performers have put into their arrangements. In fact, it feels like you are witnessing an entire orchestra.


Elizabeth Joy Roe and Greg Anderson took the stage and proceeded to stomp, clap, slap and play their piano beasts like lion tamers. Their videos are visually interesting and exciting, but it didn’t prepare me with the phenomenon of their live performance.

Hartford Courant:

Passionate intensity! Anderson & Roe were given wave after wave of enthusiastic applause, and the evening felt young and inspired.


[Anderson & Roe] follow no template other than their own inspiration.

Mamanawatu Standard:

If you were looking for an ensemble that could bring the world of chamber music to a new and younger audience, you couldn't ask for much more than that which Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe offered at the Globe.

Classical Sonoma:

Dynamic and mesmerizing... stunning! The full hall went crazy with stomping and yelling and clapping for more.

Otago Daily News:

A full house at the Glenroy Auditorium was blown away by the sheer virtuosity and rapturous engagement with the music exhibited by pianists Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe.

New Zealand Herald:

[Anderson & Roe are] keenly aware of maximizing the impact of the concert experience.

Middle C:

…a compelling and invigorating mix of gravitas and glitter! [Anderson & Roe] throw themselves entirely into each piece, [making] sure the concert was primarily about the music, rather than about them. Spell-binding… sensuous! There were several encores afterwards, which had the audience clapping and bravo-ing for more, the pair generous in response, and leaving us replete with a sense of occasion.


Anderson and Roe are a supercharged and virtuosic duo. Their performance style is highly theatrical, with an intense, almost erotic involvement between them.


Fun, sexy, exciting… fiery rock ‘n’ roll showmanship...

Vail Daily:

[With Anderson & Roe], nothing is off limits.