What A Wonderful World by Elizabeth Roe

…I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world…

Happy Vernal Equinox! What a joy to film this music video on the epic grounds of the Tippet Rise Art Center. The Beartooth Portal loomed majestically in the background as Greg and I (and the beautiful Steinway piano!) endured the ever changing weather systems throughout our shoot. The skies were some of the most glorious I’ve ever witnessed, and I intentionally chose this gown as a nod to one of the most significant moments of my life.

Oblivion by Elizabeth Roe

Sing then the core of dark and absolute oblivion where the soul at last is lost in utter peace.
-D.H. Lawrence


Heavy, suddenly they seem heavy
the linen and velvets of your bed
when our love passes to oblivion

Heavy, suddenly they seem heavy
your arms embracing me
formerly in the night

My boat parts, it's going somewhere
people get separated,
I'm forgetting, I'm forgetting

Later, at some other place in a mahogany bar
the violins playing again for us
our song, but I'm forgetting

Later, it splits off to a cheek to cheek
everything becomes blurred and
I'm forgetting, I'm forgetting

Brief, the times seem brief
the countdown of a night
when our love passes to oblivion

Brief, the times seem brief
your fingers running all over
my lifeline.

Without a glance
people are straying off
on a train platform,
I'm forgetting, I'm forgetting

-poem/lyrics by Astor Piazzolla & Angela Denia Tarenzi